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pixel_trade's Journal

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Pixel Trade
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A place where sim fans can share their sims and use others for their own challenges
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Nutshell Rules:

  • Marry in other people's sims only.

  • Only two spouses per creator (multi-pt and ideal plantsims are honourary spouses).

  • Rules In-Depth:

  • You can do a challenge of ANY KIND. It does NOT have to be a legacy. You can do stories as well. Obviously all the rules you follow for your challenge should apply. :D

  • All non born in game sims in your main challenge/story should be from a member of pixel_trade. This isn't to say that you can't have regular townies hanging out in the neighborhood, but they should not marry in/become main characters.

  • For legacies, you do not have to use a founder from here; it's absolutely welcome and encouraged, though! You can use your own sim or a sim who isn't listed as a founder as well.

  • You are only allowed to use a maximum of TWO sims per creator for the main part of your challenge. You can, of course, download more than two and put them into your game, but no more than two can be in the "main challenge". Example: You downloaded 3 sims from selzi for your legacy. You may only marry 2 of them into your main legacy family. The third can be used as a townie or married to spares, but after a while the chances of inbreeding get too high...and we wouldn't want you to get too many recessive genes.

  • You can use founders from the founder collections for more than just "founding". They can be townies, married in, committed into an asylum, stuck in a prosperity hood, maimed by bigfoot, suffering from frostbite, vampires that seduce everyone, or that annoying guy who calls you to tell you that he's sad about losing your friendship and you should go shopping together. We just want to see them in your game!

  • You may not use sims made by non-pixel_trade members. We've debated this, and honestly there's a lot of selection available at PT. Yes, there are some really nice sims at GoS and at MTS, but the idea behind PT is to create a feeling of community by getting to see other people use your sims. That's lessened when you use non-members' sims. But you can always encourage them to join and submit!



  • Please try to limit update posts to a reasonable amount. We don't have hard-and-fast rules regarding how long you should wait between posts, because we trust your good judgment. Also, it should be kept in mind that if you're posting your update to pixel_trade, please try to limit the other communities you post to. No one likes a spammer, especially if it's against someone's TOU!

  • If you'd like to submit your legacy or created sims for use in pixel_trade, you may advertise them directly comm - as long as you follow the rules and posting guidelines. (See also: SUBMITTING SIMS: AUTRES)

  • Be respectful to other members, and to your friendly moderators. Everyone's here to have a good time, no one is out to ruin that for anybody. If you have an issue with a member, please take it up in private with that member, or, if you feel you're being harassed within the community, contact a mod. We're here to help whenever possible.

  • Do tag your posts! This should include
    1) the tag for whatever challenge you're doing,
    2) in addition to the names of the people whose sims you've used,
    3) and which version of the sims you are using.
    Please include all screennames of the creators of all sims, even if they only show up for one shot. Please remember to tag yourself too. Question posts, or general non-challenge posts do not need to be tagged.

  • Please only have one picture outside of your lj cut, and to make sure that images are no wider than 600px wide. Some of us dinosaurs still have dial-up, and we're not exactly fans of the layout breaking either. ;)

  • If you are doing a challenge and sharing it, please post it in your own journal and make a fake cut to the link. (No direct full posting to the community for challenges which have more than one instalment.)

  • Please keep in mind the guidelines for is considered on topic:
    1. ANYTHING that includes someone's sims that are downloaded from this community. Things like breeding of two sims, a makeover of someone's sim, a challenge you are doing where a member's sims are townies (as long as they are SHOWN in the post), etc.
    2. Pixel Trade Challenge questions/advice: such as "How do you remember which sims are which once you've downloaded them?" (The answer to which can be found here).
    3. Introduction posts! Chances are, we'll get to know you without one, but we never say no to a hello. C:
    4. Sim Requests: Looking for a certain type of sim? Elf-eared ones? Aliens? Ugly sims? Feel free to post a request for it. Please don't "commission" new sims, though.
    5. Please do not post advertisements for recolours, new objects etc here. We'd like to focus on Sims and Houses (for the Build a Neighbourhood) project. If you'd like to advertise other CC you've made, we recommend promoting them at wella_creations.
    6. Community advertisements MUST be okayed by a mod first!
    7. And lastly, if you're not sure it's on topic? Go ahead and post it anyway. The worst that can happen is we'll delete it (and we'll comment to let you know why).

  • Finally, these rules have been recently rewritten, and we as mods reserve the right to revise them or add new ones as the occasion arises.



  • For TS2: USE CLEAN INSTALLER TO INSTALL! There are a bunch of advantages to this, the foremost of which being that if the sim you've downloaded comes from a game that has more EPs than yours, you can still install them. In addition, it allows you to remove any CC you don't want before it gets into your downloads folder.

  • You're allowed to make them your own in whichever way you want (makeovers/names/personality/etc). If you're using them for a challenge you'd like to post to the community, you must at least keep their facial structure and FIRST name. Slight facial tweaks are allowed (such as reducing huge eyelashes, or one or two clicks on one feature), but the changes shouldn't be obvious.

  • It's suggested that you only download a few at a time and install them. This clears up confusion when you download 10 sims and can't remember who is who or who they are from.



  • Founder images and download links are to be shared as a comment to the screened monthly founder submission post.

  • Direct links to downloads and photos will be added to the month's founder collection post. We don't encourage download pages in your own journal before the month's founders are revealed, but if you want to you can.

  • Your founder must be 100% made by you. They can not be a born-in game sim, even if they were born of two created sims. They also must be a unique face! You don't have to go crazy with the sliders, but we don't need a slightly tweaked Face 1 submitted over and over again. :D

  • All founder submissions must be CC-free, - For Sims 3 sims this INCLUDES slider hacks and extenders - and must be packed with base-game only content (when it doubt with Sims 2, just go to the verryy end of the catalogue!). This way everyone can participate, and they get the benefit of moulding the sim to their preference. - Please be aware that sometimes not all CC is there at your behest

  • All founders must be made specifically for the month you're submitting to! Not to say you have to sit down and say, "Okay, this one is for September..." but they mustn't be used for any other purpose.

  • Once the submission post for a particular month goes up, you may post your founder in your personal or sims journal with a link to the community. You may then link to that post in the comments of the submission post.

  • When you take a picture of your Sims 2 founder, it is preferred and STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that you should take in-game pictures instead of a bodyshop screenshot. The bodyshop pictures are usually very dark, and they don't really do any justice to your creation. For Sims 3, CAS shots are fine and oft-times better quality than those available in-game.

  • Include any name/stats/traits bio you'd like; just keep in mind that all the stats are suggested and not forced. Though obviously in Sims 3 downloaders are more likely to keep your preset traits etc (we're not lazycakes, honest! *innocent).

  • TS2: All founders must be shared in sims2pack format.
    TS3: All founders must be shared in .sim format



  • You can advertise your shared sims and shared sims updates directly to the comm with a teaser image and a link back to the specific post where they are shared at any time. Make sure your teaser complies with the community size rules and tag the post with your username and the requisite "!download: agegroup" (child/toddler, teen, young adult, adult, elder) tag. Additionally, if you are sharing a Sims 3 Sim, make sure to tag the post "!sims 3", likewise if you're sharing a Sims 2 Sim tag with "!sims 2".

  • TS2: All submitted sims should be packaged in a sims2pack. Sims that are simply extracted from SimPE and not packaged in bodyshop are dangerous to game stability (and will not be listed in the info). We offer a tutorial on how to properly extract sims if you are unsure how to do this. You can rar/zip them if you want and put photos/text files in the same rar/zip file, just please make sure the actual sim is in the right package form.

  • TS3: All submitted sims should be shared as .sim. sims3pack sims experience bugs, bloated file sizes, bloated install times and occasionally will not install at all. If you are unsure how to do this, please review Simnels' tutorial on how to share TS3 sims. As with TS2, you may rar/zip them if you want and put photos/text files in the same rar/zip file, just please make sure the actual sim is in the right .sim form.

  • Please link to your own journal post where your sims can be downloaded. If they are on a site outside of LJ, please put the link to that.

  • Please indicate what story/legacy/whatever your sims are from. If they are just random sims put "miscellaneous" or "various" or whatever you'd like your random sims to be called.

  • All custom content is allowed for NON FOUNDER sims. However, we strongly recommend packing a CC-free option. It's dialup-friendly, and base-game compatibility is what all the cool kids are doing these days! ;)

  • If you submit your sims, you're submitting them to be used by the downloaders however they want IN THEIR GAME. It might hurt sometimes, but you've got to take the good with the bad.

  • Pet uploads are allowed, and VERY encouraged! How do you package them? Check out THIS tutorial.

  • If you add to your list of sims for download and would like to advertise directly to the community, please feel free. But remember to bear in mind the all the normal posting conventions/comm rules. Make sure you specify what/who you updated, this also includes changes such as changing downloads to rar/zip files, making your downloads more easily navigable, etc.

    Got a Question? Contact a Mod!

    bondchick_nett   |   boolpropbea   |   charterzard   |   dragancaor   |   katu_sims   |   pinkposeysims   |   simsforaranya |   voleste

    Affiliates/Related Communities:

  • If you see custom content you'd like from one of the members here, please try wcif_sims first.
  • For fun sim photoshoot contests go to sim_mania.
  • or critiques on your legacy, go to legacy_writers
  • to show off your sim stories go to simstorytellers and to legacychallenge for legacies
  • for specific sim requests go to simlandia
  • for other types of sims downloads, go to wella_creations and strangepixels
  • for decor challenges go to simply_home
  • To show off your individual sims in posts, check out new community: takemysim

  • Suggested upload sites:

  • Box.net
  • Mediafire
  • Dropbox

    Special thanks to dragancaor for the community name inspiration

    A note before downloading:
    Please use Sims2pack Clean Installer to install sims.

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