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Founder Collection, April 2009

From forestpixie:
Apricot Flood

Apricot Flood
Download her @ forestpixie's journal


From skittlebox:
~Honesty~ Suggested stats: 4-8-6-7-0
Download Honesty


From inzey:
Maxima Bloom
Name: Maxima Bloom
Download Maxima


From foreverred:
Sasha Colbe
Name: Sasha Colbe
Download Sasha

Zoey Mink
Name: Zoey Mink
Preview with CC
Download Zoey


From tinykat:
Nyari Adwoa
Name: Nyari Adwoa
Download Nyari

Aldric Yves
Name: Aldric Yves
Download Aldric


From lemon_lime35:
Male One
Download Male One

Male Two
Download Male Two

Male Three
Extra CC Preview
Download Male Three


From bondchick_nett:
Benvolio Founder
Name: Benvolio Founder
Download Benvolio

Felyshilla Founder
Name: Felyshilla Founder
Extra CC Previews
Download Felyshilla

Just remember some people's default replacements may cause the downloaded sims to appear different in your game as to what is pictured here in the no-cc previews. It's recommended to always install downloaded sims with clean installer or similar to make sure you only install exactly what you want from each file -- all sims in the founder collection SHOULD be packaged sans CC but it's always good to be prepared.


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