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Pollination Exploration!

Pollination Exploration

WOO! The continuing saga of Person Below Me Aliens - Their pollinatory exploits!

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the good ship pixel_trade . Its current mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly pollinate like no tomorrow..!

How to play:

  1. Decide on which you're playing with, TS2 or TS3.
  2. Go to, and in their true random generator put the highest number of PBM aliens in the Max box (76 for TS2, 11 81 for TS3).
  3. Press generate six times, record your results. If you get a repeat number, reroll. If you get your own sim (for TS2) reroll. If you get your own sim for TS3, the choice is yours.
  4. The numbers that you were given correspond to the sims you will now breed together in order! First and Second together, then the Third to the offspring of First and Second. Fourth to their offspring, etc.
  5. Share the triumphant resultant child (and any other children that take your fancy) with your peers & worldlymen!
  6. Wonder what we're going to do for the NEXT stage… MUHAHAHA!
  7. Rejoice!

Optional Options:

  • If you roll two sims from the same creator, you can elect to roll the second one again.

  • You can do this challenge as many times as you like, in as many of the games as you like.

Post your explorationary exploits to your own journal and then advertise to the comm either directly (with all the requisite user tags, the game type, !pollinationexploration & !sim submission ) or as a comment on this post.

I've got two examples one for TS2 and one for TS3 ready and waiting at fightocrime for your reference. If you have any further questions PLEASE FEEL FREE to comment here!


TS3 Players, HOW TO QUICKLY HAVE BABIES (in game, not in rl ;)):

There's many ways to speed up the pregnancies,linear_flower suggests the Statue of Life, and the method I used was with the Master Controller after engram_au discovered the new Instant Baby feature.

My Method:

On Parent One, click:
NRAAS > Master Controller > Intermediate > Instant Baby
Choose from the list the most useful ones to attain the donor you want (current lot & gender is totally enough)
Choose the sim required from list
Enter number of children
Baby is generated from set parents
Can use Master Controller to change baby's name NRAAS > Master Controller > Basic > Rename
To age up, turn on testing cheats, shift click on child and choose "Trigger Age Transition"

I actually found this method to be SUPER fast (faster than TS2) super useful and quite streamlined. :D GOOD LUCK!


------------------ Sims 2 Sims:
1) simsforaranya: Nive Spyros
2) maranatah: Ois Nenimos
3) dutchxfan: Elm Suli
4) pixelcurious: Ponder Sprocket
5) adalaemay: Azure Dash
6) engram_au: Candy Floss
7) runningbee: Galatea Wiggleswade
8) elecy: Kaikan
9) lostdiaries: Ilse Novandy
10) courtney_shea: Zaren
11) perchalicious: Razzle Danger
12) sixamsims: Sim from Freudroid's Brief
13) sixamsims: Sim from Charterzard's Brief
14) eien_herrison: Tanya Manx
15) rocking_kitty: Bonnie
16) rocking_kitty: Gagafan
17) ayachan072: Kiera
18) pinkishshades: Jay Macmillan
19) huning: Alma
20) perchalicious: Winston Row
21) freudroid: Fifi Farfalle
22) snapun: Miss Umbrella
23) simsarenotfood: Vivienne
24) katu_sims: Tiger Rooney
25) pixelcurious: B. Fruitful
26) katu_sims: Woe Begone
27) jens_sims: Aceline
28) jens_sims: Aaron
29) simsforaranya: Rayvyn Valyntyne
30) kejserligt: Miral
31) mousemedic: Avi
32) mousemedic: Nitrik
33) rhiannon_alexis: Alfie Bleu
34) boolpropbea: Gaul Dex
35) astro_cake: Algar Flynn
36) smustleparty: Spock Rocket Mars
37) failhappens: Wolfram
38) racetrackd: Aidan
39) racetrackd: Angel
40) perchalicious: Lenore
41) bondchick_nett: Megran Oz
42) bondchick_nett: Rina-Lee Blossom
43) bondchick_nett: Uffry Coyote
44) whysimswhy: Xerxes Dolomite
45) kathsy: Chirp
46) iolesims: Asha
47) iolesims: Toolip
48) sneebsey: Medusa
49) sneebsey: Asa
50) jens_sims: Joey
51) charterzard: Clue
52) charterzard: Mad Scientist
53) charterzard: Lolo Brava
54) laschifosavita: Sim from sneebsey's brief
54) laschifosavita: Sim from astro_cake's brief
55) lizbeth120: Oracle
56) ayachan072: Mareah
57) kizzy_sims: Johanna
58) alfredaskew: Madden
59) linear_flower: Chris Myst
60) sjoisan: Leila
61) sjoisan: Ramona
62) astro_cake: Rylan "Rye" Knezevic
63) trappingit: Cidem
64) brilliantcat: Lulu
65) brilliantcat: Ramen
66) katu_sims: Debbie
67) needlecream: Hershey
68) olivethegreat: Marigold Mojado
69) alfredaskew: Tiaret
70) simsarenotfood: Jane Austen
71) slyndsey: Vijay Gavinson
72) doda_lani: Ryan Rerolf
73) simcerly: Sim from thiziz's brief
74) mjspice: Talia
75) mjspice: Sim from charterzard's brief
76) colemariesims: Lothar

We've tried our hardest to make sure we've caught EVERYONE'S sims posted to date, but if we've missed one PLEASE let us know!

------------------ Sims 3 Sims:
1) furryjackal/jackals_sims: Prot Gardner
2) perchalicious: Gabriel Gunn
3) perchalicious: Maxine Angel
4) courtney_shea: Xehema Raweki
5) perchalicious: Babylon Jack McSmith
6) iolesims: Zak Povan
7) furryjackal: Jay LeBleu
8) cptnsimdecision: Drio Embassy
9) linear_flower: Andy
10) bondchick_nett: Esme Aighs
11) bondchick_nett: Lee Voi
12) katu: Camet Frangipani
13) katu: Fig Bumble
14) katu: Hazel Honeynut
15) katu: Jericho Romanov
16) katu: Ken Bilberry
17) katu: Tess Elbow
18) katu: Wolf Lovejoy
19) gheez: Dee Lusion
20) gheez: Carrie Mehome
21) gheez: Anne Drogenos
22) rhiannon_alexis: Mercury Vega
23) rhiannon_alexis: Jade Ocelot
24) rhiannon_alexis: Atlas Ascella
25) rhiannon_alexis: Shaula Meissa
26) rhiannon_alexis: Pilot Ishtar
27) sixamsims: Matilda Felina
28) sixamsims: Bartzz Tipona
29) sixamsims: Flint Zuma
30) sixamsims: Bick Bunting
31) sixamsims: Farrow Luna
32) sixamsims: Tense Aggavaed
33) sixamsims: Arthur T'Daanh
34) ageiha: Drake
35) ageiha: Plutonia
36) ageiha: Gale
37) jens_sims: Tia Rising
38) jens_sims: Shane Decker
39) jens_sims: Barney Barington
40) brilliantcat: Pericles LaShay
41) brilliantcat: Sidonie Nika
42) brilliantcat: Wenceslaus Pelagius
43) brilliantcat: Teofile Arethusa
44) rhiannon_alexis: Orion Izar
45) rhiannon_alexis: LaQuan Keever
46) luasims: Fern Aboe
47) luasims: Weather Nix
48) luasims: Kex Goden
49) luasims: Spaden Witz
50) dark_moon689: Monica Brant
51) dark_moon689: Ade Glory
52) dark_moon689: Donovan Witt
53) dark_moon689: Cindy Starlight
54) simtarts: Doyle Jinx
55) simtarts: Parry Mayson
56) simtarts: Pippi Lotta
57) simtarts: Royal Harding
58) simtarts: Tallulah Taurus
59) arzuna: Sweet Sugar Cardina II
60) arzuna: Marcus Godsend
61) arzuna: Amity Ruth Discord
62) arzuna: Sabrina Fauna
63) arzuna: Isaac Chrome
64) vayleen: Avery
65) vayleen: Merry
66) vayleen: Peeta
67) vayleen: Ian
68) gheez: Kuwhyr Quay
69) gheez: Ken Ettyck
70) gheez: Ivan Tabunny
71) cpowellscircus: Bartram Sax
72) cpowellscircus: Magorie Oma
73) cpowellscircus: Harley Quota
74) cpowellscircus: Otto Pritchard
75) visionofvim: Orion
76) visionofvim: Aveston
77) visionofvim: Catzie
78) visionofvim: Poma
79) ageiha: Leela
80) ageiha: Adora
81) ageiha: Orville
PS: Everyone? katu_sims is a star. A STAR.
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