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Pollination Exploration!

Pollination Exploration

WOO! The continuing saga of Person Below Me Aliens - Their pollinatory exploits!

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the good ship pixel_trade . Its current mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly pollinate like no tomorrow..!

How to play:

  1. Decide on which you're playing with, TS2 or TS3.
  2. Go to, and in their true random generator put the highest number of PBM aliens in the Max box (76 for TS2, 11 81 for TS3).
  3. Press generate six times, record your results. If you get a repeat number, reroll. If you get your own sim (for TS2) reroll. If you get your own sim for TS3, the choice is yours.
  4. The numbers that you were given correspond to the sims you will now breed together in order! First and Second together, then the Third to the offspring of First and Second. Fourth to their offspring, etc.
  5. Share the triumphant resultant child (and any other children that take your fancy) with your peers & worldlymen!
  6. Wonder what we're going to do for the NEXT stage… MUHAHAHA!
  7. Rejoice!

Optional Options:

  • If you roll two sims from the same creator, you can elect to roll the second one again.

  • You can do this challenge as many times as you like, in as many of the games as you like.

Post your explorationary exploits to your own journal and then advertise to the comm either directly (with all the requisite user tags, the game type, !pollinationexploration & !sim submission ) or as a comment on this post.

I've got two examples one for TS2 and one for TS3 ready and waiting at fightocrime for your reference. If you have any further questions PLEASE FEEL FREE to comment here!


TS3 Players, HOW TO QUICKLY HAVE BABIES (in game, not in rl ;))Collapse )


The Sims 2 ListCollapse )

We've tried our hardest to make sure we've caught EVERYONE'S sims posted to date, but if we've missed one PLEASE let us know!

The Sims 3 ListCollapse ) PS: Everyone? katu_sims is a star. A STAR.
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