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Magicakes + Mythos round up


Just a quick update to let people know what's happening.

The rules

The current lineup and posted updates:


1. bondchick_nett    1.1    1.2     1.3     1.4     1.5     1.6    1.7     1.8 Heir poll and sim downloads
2. brilliantcat    2.1    2.2     2.3     2.4
3.  quinctia  / rikkulidea 
4. simppl_life 
5. cosmetical 
6. naughtydolphin 
7. linear_flower 
8. nentarisims 
9. dorkasaur_sims 
10. engram_au 


1. tinykat     1.1   1.2   1.3   1.4   1.5  Heir Poll    Sim downloads
2. needlecream   2.0  2.1  ----> needlecream  had to drop out due to personal reasons
2 redux. simtopi 
3. mikelisryker 
4. prettypalisades 
5. boolpropbea 
6. tams_sims 
7. simsforaranya 
8. eleme 
9. oannapantso / cheatsenabled 
10. daisywenham

As you can see I have a couple of of free spots in the Mythos round robin, so I will be looking for a couple of volunteers. I might do that in a separate post because before we do that, I'd like to ask the people who are already on the list to nominate whether they want to stay on their current generation or shuffle forward or backwards into the free spots.

ETA: mikelisryker  is taking a spot and Rachel is confused XD I just need to contact prettypalisades to confirm the lineup for generation 3 to sort out gen 3, 4 and 5. upendoaushi  and randomss  are our brave reservists.
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