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Pixel Trade Sims 3 Sim Donation Drive

Pixel Trade Sims 3 Donation Drive

Here at Pixel Trade we've noticed that the influx of Sims 3 Sims for sharing has been quite low, and so those that are attempting to do legacies/challenges etc in Sims 3 are having a rather slimly-picked time of it. THUS! We thought it was high time for a Sims 3 Event: FREE FOR ALL DONAATIOOOON DRIIIIIIIIIIVE..!

What you must do (bare minimum version):

  1. Make a Sims 3 sim
  2. Make a note of any and all slider hacks you use, and if CC is used where each item can be obtained from (urls required!)*
  3. Export your sim for sharing in .sim form
  4. Include at the very least one screenshot of your sim (remember 600x600px max)
  5. List the sims' age, traits & name, and what format(s) you're sharing the sim in with your submission
  6. Post it all up to the comm, tagging your new post with the '!sims 3' tag with your download link :D

Optional can dos:

  1. You can also include sims3pack format for your sim to be downloaded, BUT! Its important to export in .sim form so that people not using the latest patch can also use your sim. ^_^
  2. You can post one advertising pic linking back to a blog post with more picspam etc instead of posting it all to the comm if you so desire
  3. Feel free to post/advertise multiple sims in the same post! The more the merrier! -- There IS no restriction on how many sims you can post for this! We want sharing, and we want it naaooo! xD


* Though this is not 100% confirmed, there's reports that if someone does not have slider hacks installed, a sim created WITH slider hacks will still show up correctly in-game. BUT! The second you attempt to tweak anything facial structurally speaking, they will revert to 'normal' ts3 slider perameters. Since we're assuming that no one will be tweaking any sims in this way - just giving them makeovers - then we suspect that you do not need to have the same sliders as the person that made a sim you download installed - BUT! We're keeping our bases covered all the same. CARRY ON! :D

Its also important to note, that sims 3 sims DO NOT come with their CC. Hence the importance of including any and all URLS to where CC can be downloaded so that your sims can be faithfully reproduced if so desired. ^_^


Tags: !mod post, !sim request, !sims 3

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