selzi (selzi) wrote in pixel_trade,

Selzisims is back up and running!

Hi everyone!

Last week some of you certainly wondered why you were forwarded to a cell phone site when you wanted to visit selzisims. That cell phone site is my fiancé’s, and he also owns the domain “” where selzisims is located at. Last Wednesday he changed the forwarding of the domain “” to “”, not realizing this would also affect my subdomain “selzisims”. We went abroad for a small vacation on Thursday, and it wasn’t before Saturday when I realized the wrong forwarding in an internet café in London. We corrected the forwarding right then and there, and some time during Saturday it was restored by our web service provider.

I'm really sorry for any trouble or inconvenience I caused you. And thanks to everyone who informed me of this matter, I really appreciate that! ;)
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