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Tutorials: Making Sims into Townies - with hacks

EDIT: Thanks to mei_asakura we now have a link to the college adjuster! *throws confetti and gives mei cookies*

Here is the promised tutorial! It describes how to turn your sims into townies using hacks. I am going to TRY to make a tutorial about how to do it without hacks, but...it is complicated and I'm not EXACTLY sure how, so it may take me a little while. XD


I am using a 'family', as it took me forever to figure out how to make kids that weren't related to anyone, and it is only one more step. :D

Here is the lot that Jack built that we will be using today. It contains all the hacks I ever use, which are the college adjuster, the lot debugger, the family tree sectional of insim, the personality adjuster of insim, and the teleporter shrub. (the download links for the personality adjuster and family tree adjuster are the same, as both are part of insim)
What they are for:
Lot debugger: useful for making your sim EXACTLY like a downloaded sim, as in with the same LTW. Simply 'cycle LTW' until you get the right one.
Personality adjuster: Useful for sims that originally had more or less then 25 personality points. Use this to make the numbers right.
College adjuster: This will allow you to 'sync genetic personality' after you use the personality adjuster. This means that the sim's children can inherit personality points according to what you've given them, rather then the 25 points availible in CAS.
Family tree adjuster: This is only needed if you are creating teen or child townies. CAS does not let any child be parent-less.
Teleporter shrub: This is the only REQUIRED hack for this tutorial. It is what turns sims into townies. (alternate, MTS2 link: teleporter shrub)

Now, onto the pictures! I apologize for random sizes of the images. I was printing screen and pasting into paint, and then cropped out everything that wasn't important. :\

I reccommend doing all the following steps while the game is paused.

This first step can be skipped if you are only making adults.
Using the family tree adjuster (little bonsai deco object), sever family ties with each sim. Remember to check relationship panels to ensure that someone hasn't been missed.

Now click the teleporter shrub. Depending on how many EPs you have, it can lag for a moment, while it loads the data. Then choose 'make me a ... townie'. Do this with all sims.

Then click the shrub again, and choose 'clear off'

'all residents'. The other choices are useful for if you are only townifying some of your sims on the lot. Then hit play.

If you've done everything correctly, all the sims will be gone from the lot and the sidebar, and you are left with your nice little townify-ing lot. :D

WHEN YOU EXIT THE LOT, DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE. If you click 'no' when asked if you want to save, all the sims will still be in the lot, not townies.

If you are confused, please don't hesitate to ask, and I'll try and help. :)
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