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Announcement: Poll Results + Founder Collections!

Hi everyone, and thanks to everyone who voted in the poll! The votes are now closed and tallied, with a majority of the votes being "yes" and "yes but not every month" (though I do appreciate the honesty of the one person who voted that they wouldn't be interested!). I've kind of decided on a compromise between the two. The idea is that every two months there will be a collection post. The collection post will be open for 2 months at a time, and at the end of the second month, the Founder Collection will actually be posted. Rather than the usual 2 founders per month rule, you will be allowed to submit 4 founders per round up post (2 for each month). Your founders may be all from one game, or any combination of games in between as long as it does not exceed 4.

For example:
The founder collection post is up for March/April.
Person A submits 2 Sims 4 founders on the first day of March.
Person B submits 4 Sims 2 founders over the course of March & April.
Person C submits 1 Sims 3 founder on the last day of the April.
Person B submits 2 Sims 2 founders AND 2 Sims 3 founders in the middle of April.
All of the above would be valid submissions provided they followed the founder submission rules.

As a reminder, the rules are as follows (slightly edited by me to reflect the poll and the release of Sims 4):

1. Four founders per person per game.

2. Founders must be CC free and packaged with BASEGAME-ONLY content. For the Sims 3, sliders can be used, but please mention on your picture you have used custom sliders.

3. Sims 2 founders should be in .Sims2Pack form. Sims 3 founders should be in .sim form. Sims 4 founders should be in a .zip with all the appropriate files OR shared on the gallery and tagged #pixel-trade.

4. All teaser images should be 600 x 600 pixels or smaller. Please include images of your sims all dolled up (if you have dolled them up) and a picture of how they're packaged, with their clothing and hair. This makes it easier to recognise them in Bodyshop / Create A Sim. Please remember; one image per sim! If you want to include any descriptions, please do so on the image itself.

5. Comments are screened. If this is your first time posting please read the rules and refer back to previous submission posts for further info. Mods will be testing your files to make sure everything shows up ok

I will be posting the founder submission post for March/April this Friday, March 20. The founder submission post will close April 30.
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