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Founder Submissions: July

SUBMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. I'll try and put the collection up today. *is a bit swamped atm*

You has sims for the July founders? YAYYYYY!!!

As always, comments will be screened when you submit them. If you would like to submit a founder, please read the rules first.

We're continuing to waive the "do not submit founders in consecutive months" rule, so if you posted last month, please feel free to post again as we're also not including the 'limit' to total number of founders posted. If there's 15, then awesome etc.

If your sim has not been posted in the past, due to pesky bits of cc, etc, feel free to package them properly and submit them again. ^_^

Please note: When you take a picture of your founder, it is preferred that you should take an in-game picture instead of a bodyshop screenshot. The bodyshop pictures are usually very dark, and they don't really do any justice to your creation.

To see previous founder submissions for examples etc, simply check out our !founder collection.

As per last time: If you have any ideas involving challenges, activities, or whatnot to do using shared sims, please feel free to suggest them, either here, or to a mod. We LURVE new ideas, like cupcakes with bat sprinkles on top. XD

For another interesting way to make founders, check out this post.
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