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Sim Kids for Great Justice/Diversity Challenge

CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK IT OUT!! New challenge for pixel_trade, inspired by the technique lemon_lime35 used to create her four founders for the June Founder Collection. :D :D

Its a constant complaint in the Sims community, that so many Sims that are shared look like face templates just a little tweaked. Here at pixel_trade , we all know its a constant struggle to find the balance between really individual and attractive when making new Sims. Well, unless we're making Doohickeys ;)

Last month, lemon_lime35 decided to experiment with making sims in a way that could possibly result in a LOT more diversity. And came up trumps! Sharing this technique with us we thought it was an AWESOME opportunity for a new challenge and a little non-controversial genetic engineering! :D :D

How to play:

  1. Open up Bodyshop
  2. Choose Build Sims, then Build or Clone Sims, and then Build a Sim
  3. Set a body type and gender of your choosing, but set the age of the sim you are building to Child. OOOH YEAAH! You heard me xD
  4. Make your child sim as cute, interesting, awkward as you want: chipmunk cheeks, moon faces, huge chibi eyes, squinty little peepers that just SCREAM coke-bottle glasses: go your hardest.
    • Remember the purpose of this excercise is sharing so defaults are encouraged, BUT you're not restricted by them as this is not a founder collection. ^_^
  5. When you have a child you're happy with, screen shot them like a mad fool.
  7. Welcome to your new sim. :D
    • If there's something really blindingly wrong about this sim then feel free to make minor tweaks, but no major changes. And we'd love for you to document the before and after here too.
  8. Take some screenies of your new sim, package them up and SHARE! :D
    • And by share I mean post them up in this thread if you've only got a screenshot or two, or in a seperate post either in the comm, or in your own journal with a teaser/ad back to it for us to squee over :D


You like examples?!!? WE HAVE EXAMPLES!

Dirk Hermenegildo

So this was my first try, by the name of Dirk Hermenegildo (because it tickled me). :D Elfie eared because that's how I swing, I was going for Spockesque kind of eyebrows but thought the rest of him should be a chubby little cutely large nosed, round-headed ball of squishy. I got to here and SQUEED!

In-game examples of Child!Dirk.

In-game examples of Child!Dirk, SEE!??! I think I achieved my goal. HOW CUUUUUTE! And he's totes expressive. :D I'd be more than chuffed if this little tyke was born in-game.

And now what he looks like as an adult in BodyShop.

And now what he looks like as an adult in BodyShop after I pressed the Adult button. His cheeks got a little sharp and I was a little worried about the flow of his T zone. But I thought, well hell, the point of this is diversity and he's not on any level fug. So! I packaged him up and trundled off into in-game to pepper him with CC and see how well I went.

In-Game Adult Dirk...

In-Game Adult Dirk, as you've already seen from my teaser..! I don't know about you, but I personally think: MISSION ACHIEVED! :D :D Love his face, still as expressive as he was as a child and is a pretty fabulous collection of features blended together with some great proportions and distances.

Attempt two, Sondra Chavonne. Little redhead with light blue eyes and the palest skin I got. MOAR elf ears, because I have an obsession. I AM NOT ASHAMED!!

Attempt two, Sondra Chavonne. Little redhead with green eyes and the palest skin I got. MOAR elf ears, because I have an obsession. I AM NOT ASHAMED!! Widely spaced eyes - though not the golden mean described in the Pollyanna books - teeny tiny nose, HUAG lips and slightly worried eyebrows. I was going for a sharp jaw like a girl I went to school with but still full cheeks with Pfieffer-esque cheekbones.



So this is Sondra after I clicked the Adult button. Uh, emaciation wasn't EXACTLY something I sidned up for... ^_^;;;

So this is Sondra after I clicked the Adult button. Uh, emaciation wasn't EXACTLY something I sidned up for... ^_^;;;

This is the situation that I was referring to in the rules, if there's something a little.. NOT RIGHT about your sim when you press the adult button and you really think its not gonna fly (or it scares the bejeeeeebus out of you like this did) then you're completely within your bounds to tweak her a little:

Adult!Sondra, FIXED! :D :D

Adult!Sondra, FIXED! All I did was grabbed the chubby cheek slider and filled her cheeks out a little bit. That's the ONLY change I made. Remember we don't want to be remaking a sim completely, just tiny believable tweaks to obtain a finished product.

Sondra in-game, expressive, interesting and cutely angular.

Sondra in-game: expressive, interesting and cutely angular. *wiggles* Though her mouth sometimes - especially when she's jumping on a couch - does have tendencies towards having a starring role in Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun music video, I think it really just ads to her individuality. And that's what this whole challenge is about! :D




So! I figured I'd see how my two breed: TOGETHER..! :D

So! I figured I'd see how my two breed: TOGETHER..! :D Awww look at them being all parental. I probably should've used more... Vanilla sims but the point of this is DIVERSITY, and besides, they were in the same house and stuff... xD

Wouldn't you know, its twins!! My game? Obsessed with multiple births I swear to all gods. ALL of them. PS check out the holey sun of blackness going on with Sondra's mouth there xD

Wouldn't you know, its twins!! My game? Obsessed with multiple births I swear to all gods. ALL of them. PS check out the holey sun of blackness going on with Sondra's mouth there xD

Twin one, all adultified: Arya.

Twin one, all adultified: Arya. Interestingly she was the most awkward looking of the twins as a toddler, child and a teen. In fact as a toddler she looked as though she was constantly plotting DIABOLICAL schemes. *laughs* AND YET! She looks adorably adorable, great mix of parents and she TOTALLY has elfie ears. AWESOME. Very pleased with this little gem, I'll put her up for download as soon as I have a chance to do the operating system shuffle to extract her out.

Twin two, Gwendoline.

Twin two, Gwendoline as an adult. She was THE cutest little toddler, such a sweet faced little girl and a really fun-loving teen. And yet somehow when she hit adulthood she turned into a drag queen. xD A rather.. Interesting nosed drag queen at that. If you don't believe me, check this out:



Awwww, cheer up emo kid. Its not your fault. *snuggles*

Awwww, cheer up emo kid. Its not your fault. *snuggles* Even though she's got unfortunates going on, I'm still totally uploading her when I get the chance. xD SOMEONE WILL TAKE HER IN AND LOVE HER..!!! xD


Wanna download Sondra and Dirk ? :D

Download Sondra Chevonne

Download Sondra Chevonne, she will appear as she does in my secondary BodyShop preview, with your defaults.

Download Dirk Hermenegildo.

Download Dirk Hermenegildo, he comes CC-less looking like he does in my Bodyshop previews - though I think you'll see him wearing a Green Maxis shirt IIRC. ^_^;; My default S4 is really light so he'll appear much darker in your game (unless your default's lighter or the same as mine xD).

Edit: Arya and Gwendoline are now available to download, over at fightocrime



Jul. 1st, 2009 06:18 pm (UTC)
*clutches Gwendoline to bossom*

I love you, you funky nosed girl. (and really, that hair doesn't help with the whole drag queen vibe, just saying)

This whole experiment just backs the "custom content makes the sim" argument. I've seen some of my UGLIEST sims *nods to Eugenia icon* in other's games and they're downright NORMAL looking. And they're cc'd out the ass.

Either way, this is a fun little challenge. I'll have to fire up bodyshop and see what I kind of mess I can make.

*goes to find eye bleach to share*
Jul. 2nd, 2009 05:21 am (UTC)
*laughs* Yeah I know I should've changed her hair but it was the hair she transitioned into as a toddler and it suited her SO WELL all through toddler to teendom.. And then it kind of.. Bit her in the arse in adulthood xD

I will totally be uploading them both with some Bodyshop 'vanilla' previews as well (probably CC-free) when I get the chance to extract.

I agree though, oftentimes I'll see an AWESOME sim, download it and leave out all the CC and discover the sim looks nothing like the sim I fell in love with.

WOOO!! I'll be VERY excited to see how you fare. :D
Jul. 2nd, 2009 11:41 am (UTC)
My first go round produced the most boring looking sim EVER. I couldn't even keep her she was THAT boring.

I finally did get a few winners. They're breeding now, so I'll have show and tell soon.
Jul. 9th, 2009 06:12 am (UTC)
Just in case you're interested, Gwendoline and Arya are available for download now! :D here: http://community.livejournal.com/fightocrime/29112.html


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