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Keeping track of your sim downloads.

We've all been there, downloaded a MESS of sims and then when you've gone to put them in your 'hood discovered you can't remember who's sim is who and where you got them from etc.

I've seen a few threads about this kind of thing at legacy_writers and some other places, thusly, I thought it was high time we posted a little "Share your system" post to air what people in the comm do, and for people to ask questions or suggest tips for others to take on board. :D

So, how do you keep track of what's what? How do you remember who made which sim once they're IN your game? And do you have any downloaded sim stories 'from the wars' when it comes to adopting other peoples pixels into your game? :D



May. 23rd, 2011 01:39 am (UTC)
Maybe my method can be useful to someone. I do that with all my sims, I always download a lot of sims.

1. When downloading
- I usually save the packaged sim, sims pictures and sims stats in a folder with the creators name in subfolders with the sims names. In the pixel-trade's case, I made a folder called pixel-trade with 2 subfolders: founders and offsprings, inside each one there are folders with the sim name followed by the creators name.

2. When installing
- I first installed almost all custom content that I'm going to use, since I'm setting an alien hood (eyes, skins, hairs, clothes, lots)
- Then I made a folder in my downlads folder called pixel-trade, I plan to install the sims there one by one with clean installer. I plan to rename each file while I'm installing with the sim name followed by the creator's name. Then I'm going to use the debug mode technique at CAS to know who is who with the support of the folders where I downloaded and pictures. I plan to add the sims in groups of 8 and edit the lastnames later with SIMPE.
- I separated the downloaded sims in groups: who is going to have a lot (and be playable), who is going to be a townie and who is going to be a NPC. Since I plan to install an empty hood and create all my sims customized, I thought that would be good to make my life more easy. (I want strange aliens as NPC and not regular sims.)


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